All the referrals to the department of Paediatric Surgery should be done both electronically and telephonically. This is done in order to provide a better service to the paediatric surgical patients, and to insure that all the referring doctors receives a specialist opinion on the diagnosis, initial management and referral plan for the patients in real time

Doctors who wish to refer a child to the Department of Padiatric Surgery, should download a free Medical-App called Vula from either Apple or google Play stores. This App can be downloaded for free by following the link Vula Mobile, by any medical doctor registered with the HPCSA

Once the App is downloaded on your device, you will register as new user with Vula and your credentials will be verified with the HPCSA before you can use the App to refer

Vula makes it easy to refer patients to our specialists, and has improved our existing referral systems by putting primary healthcare workers directly in touch with a paediatric surgery team and specialist on-call
Download Vula


MAY 2021
MAY 2021